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We Design Narrow Lot Homes With Huge Impact! Designs From $350K.

Tick.png25 years of experience in the design and build of 2 storey and single storey narrow lot homes.

Tick.pngWe can show you the actual savings in that you will make when you use our services.

Tick.pngWe design your home by listening to your ideas and then creating a custom design home that you will enjoy living in.

Tick.pngFunctionality, style and usability are all key features of the dream home you will get.

Tick.pngWe design and build so efficiently we can guarantee there are NO COST BLOWOUTS, that you can experience when using standard builders.

Here are a few examples of the types of designs and builds we have completed.


Using our services the money you save can take years and thousands of dollars off your homeloan repayments. What's more, your home can gain greater value over an off the plan home that has been built many times over. 

Don't just listen to us, see what others say. 

The Catch?

If it's too good to be true it usually is.

With DBB there are NO CATCHES, NO GIMMICKS and NO LOOPHOLES. We don't offer thousands of dollars of white goods or window treatments for free. You know it isnt free you are still paying for it.

Our aim is to deliver the highest quality home for your budget and then save you money that you can actually see. What we say we will do we do, so there won't be any blowouts.


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