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Here at DBB we believe that luxury home design, can mean different things to different people. Where one client believes that luxury means a large home of 600m2 with lift and large chef’s kitchen, to someone else luxury design means having a 200m2 workshop incorporating a car lift. Our job as designers is to work out what luxurious design means to each individual client, and then insure that we deliver the luxury home that our client’s desire.

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We’ve designed luxurious homes ranging in size from 200m2 right up to 900m2, we believe that luxury like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and as such we listen to all our clients ideas of what luxury means to them, so we can create the right home for each individual client, whether its incorporating an  infinity pool, or insuring that the kitchen includes all the modern design elements such as a scullery, or cool rooms.

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The number of elements that can go into the design of a luxurious home are infinite, so it is important that as designers we listen to our clients, and we insure that we incorporate, all our clients wish’s in the end design. It doesn’t matter the size or shape of your block, amazing luxury homes can be designed for any size lot as our gallery will show, we have been involved in the design and construction of many luxurious homes, some of these have been built on large 5 acre lots, and others on 300m2 blocks of land.

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All it takes to create that luxurious home is a little imagination, a little know-how and lots of hard work, and that luxury home that you’ve always dreamed of can become a reality.

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