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Sometimes a standard cookie cutter design from a project home builder, may not what work for you. There can be many reasons for this, the main thing to understand is that a custom home design, doesn’t automatically mean that it will be more expensive to build, in fact in many circumstance the opposite can be true.

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The reasons to have your home custom designed can vary, sometimes it can be out of necessity, and other times it can be simply because you want to stand out from the crowd.

Some of the reasons for having your home custom designed are noted below.

  • Maybe you just can’t find that standard design that suites your lifestyle.
  • There may be block constraints, such as narrow lots or odd shaped lots.
  • Maximizing the orientation of your site can sometimes be difficult with standardized plans.
  • Trying to make a standard plan work for a sloppy site can also be difficult.
  • When you have smaller lot it’s generally better to design the home to suite the site in order to maximize the available space.

Over the last 25 years here at DBB we have designed hundreds of homes for our clients, and no two designs have been the same, the reason for this is that we are all individuals with our own ideas of how a home should work for us. Our job at DBB is to create a home design that is both be aesthetically stunning and also practical to live in. Our goal is not only to design your home, but also provide advice and guidance and not push our own agenda, but work together with you to create the home of your dreams.

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The design of your home is only one part of the process, and in order to make the sketch a reality, we will also need to insure that the home can be built to your budget. Our in house designer has been designing beautiful homes for over 25 years, the difference is that as registered builder he is able to insure that the designs created, can also be built to budget. Where most Designers, or Architects will charge you substantial fees to prepare designs with no guarantees of the project being within budget, here at DBB we are only paid if we deliver what we promise, which is:

  • to provide a design you are completely happy with.
  • to insure that the design is council approved if required.
  • to insure that your future home can be built within your budget.

With our unique design and tender system, you will know how much your home will cost to build before outlaying tens of thousands of dollars on design fees. You get the best of both worlds, in that you deal with a designer to have your home designed, without the pressure that builders tend to apply for you to sign up to build with them well before you should sign up. Once the design is complete we insure that the builders provide the most competitive price as they will need to tender against other builders. Our design and tendering system allows you to have the design you want, along with the most competitive building price, built by quality builders.

How you save

  • You are not signing over the power to a project builder right at the beginning of the process, leaving you vulnerable to unexpected costs
  • You are not paying for features you don’t need, simply because you have to select from a builder’s existing designs
  • You pick your builder yourself from a range of Perth’s best, based upon their quoted prices and their ability to build from your custom design
  • You keep the copyright on your design, meaning you are not locked in to a particular builder

Still not sure? Here is an example

Once we had designed our client’s home, we presented them with quotes from 3 of Perth’s most reliable builders. There was a difference of approximately $76,000 between the quotes.

  • BUILDER 1 – $400,588
  • BUILDER 2 – $335,640
  • BUILDER 3 – $326,671

As well as cost, we always advise our clients on what they can expect from each builder so they can make an informed decision and be confident that they will be happy with the builder they select.

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