How it Works

8 Easy steps to the home you want. See how our brokers and designers work

Initial consultation

Meet with the designer for an initial consultation to find out about your life, goals and dreams so we know what you require in your home.

Design brief meeting

The designer will go through the design brief with you to make sure nothing gets lost in translation. By doing this we are more likely to get the design right for you the first time.

Site inspection

Including a contour and feature survey of your block, we visit your site so we can get a better understanding of how we can create a home which will suit your lifestyle and the practicality of your land. We can also help organise site demolition if needed.

Your sketch is presented

Your home design is now starting to take shape! After taking the time to learn about what you want, we present you with a design. Even if we don’t have it right the first time, you’ll have unlimited meetings until your requirements are met.

Full drawing including site plan

Once you’re happy, we create accurate scaled floor plan drawings with energy efficiency in mind, multiple elevation designs and 3D colour renders of the front elevation of your home. We’ll provide any design revisions, if required.

Paperwork and preparation

We also help you with the all the necessary paperwork, liaising with the shire and council, preparing specifications and plans for tender submission.

Select from a range of building tenders presented to you

With full guidance from Design Better Buildings, we’ll help you select the right builder, including tender analysis and selection and meeting with selected builders.

The building of your home begins!

Your home is ready to commence building. We’ll provide complete support and independent advice along every step of the way, since we’re also a registered builder.

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