When considering lot division

 Posted on: 15 April, 2015
 Mario Figliomeni


The following points will provide you with information to be aware of when subdividing your lot.

  1. The first thing you need to know when looking at purchasing a lot is the zoning of the site. This will determine whether there is potential for subdivision or not.
  2. Once you know what can be achieved on the site, you need to work out what type of subdivision you require. There are basically three types – Built strata, Survey strata and Green titled.
  3. Built strata requires all buildings, fences and landscaping to be completed before strata is completed.
  4. Built strata is the simplest and cheapest way to subdivide, as you only need to deal with council rather than WAPC.
  5. Built strata will require permission of other strata lots for any future changes.
  6. Survey strata allows you to create vacant lots, but is more expensive, and will require WAPC approval.
  7. Survey strata titling can be done at any time, before construction, during building process, or after the building is complete. You will need to ensure that all services are in place if you plan on subdividing after construction is complete.
  8. Green titling can also be done at any time, but is the most expensive of the three types of subdivision as it requires all services to be completely separate.
  9. The above points give an idea of the types of subdivision available. You should contact a building designer when looking at purchasing a development site, in order to ensure the potential of the site.
  10. Just because the lot size allows for development, doesn’t mean it can be developed. There are other circumstances to take into account, such as lot shape, lot contours, whether there are easements on the lot which can affect what can be built on the site.

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