When considering addenda specifications

 Posted on: 16 April, 2015
 Mario Figliomeni


While plans illustrate the size, levels and heights of your building, the addenda or the specification determines the level of finish within your home or development. A detailed addenda will mean that there will be far less nasty surprises throughout the building process.

Here we have outlined some very specific points that should be asked when dealing with your builder, designer, architect or broker.

  1. Have site works been allowed within the building price? If so, have the following items been allowed?
    - Site preparation
    - Service run ins, such as power, water, telephone and gas
    - Soakwell allowance
  2. If building in double brick, ensure that clay bricks are allowed for.
  3. If you choose to have the external walls of your home rendered, there are two available options: Render and paint or render and texture. Render and texture is better quality and longer lasting, but far more expensive than render and paint.
  4. Ceilings to the inside of your home should be gyprock. Ensure that your alfresco, porch, balconies and garage are also finished at a minimum with gyprock (Aqua check)
  5. Check the type of internal and external doors and door furniture allowed within the addenda.
  6. What are the specifications for your cabinets? For example, the type of benchtops and doors specified. Have pot drawers been allowed for?
  7. When it comes to plumbing the builder’s standard range doesn’t necessarily mean good quality. Therefore make sure you find out the brand of all your plumbing fixtures and fittings.
  8. Ensure that you are aware of the allowances for power points and light points. Verify whether the allowance for your appliances are suitable for your requirements.
  9. Be aware of the extent of tiling that has been allowed within your addenda and plans. Check the PC allowance for supply of tiles. Be aware that tile size and whether you use ceramic or vitrified will have an impact on the cost of tile labour.
  10. Check painting allowance within the addenda. Has wall painting been allowed for? If so, ensure that oil based wall sealer will be applied prior to wall painting.

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