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Selecting your lot to suit your house design

 Posted on: 16 April, 2015
 Mario Figliomeni


The following are a few tips which will give you a good start to the design process.

  1. When buying a site to build your home or development, ensure that your preferred position for your outdoor living area faces north or east. If this orientation doesn’t apply to your site, don’t panic. With good design it’s possible to maximize the benefits of sun and wind to your property, taking into consideration any orientation.
  2. When buying a lot, it is important to check if the contour of the property is flat or sloped, as a sloped site will increase the cost of earthworks and construction. But again, if your property is sloping, don’t panic. With good design these costs can be kept to a minimum.
  3. No matter what shape or size your lot may be, a good designer should be able to plan your home or development to suit it. The shape of the lot will have an impact on the size, form, look and cost of your home or development. For example, a narrow lot will mean your home will need to be narrow and long, which will influence the cost to construct your house.
  4. It is important to maximize any views that may be available from your block. Good design can maximize these views.
  5. When buying your site, it is important to be aware of possible sources of noises around the property. Noise can come from: other buildings – nightclubs, pubs, shops; from the street – traffic, people passing by; or from airplanes passing overhead.
  6. Possible entrance points to the property have to be thought through. This will depend on traffic direction and flux / main streets. Is it a corner block? Think about the vehicle or pedestrian entrance.
  7. Remember that the design of the house has to comply with the BCA and R-Codes. Requirements can vary from council to council. It is important to be aware of these requirements, as it may impact what can be built on your block.
  8. It is vital to think about the budget available before starting a project. The budget has to be taken into consideration from when you purchase your lot, in order to explore the best options that fit within your financial plan.
  9. It is essential to think about your expectations in accordance to scale, functionality and aesthetics of the project. An experienced designer can help you to accomplish this.
  10. Remarkable design strategies can be applied to the project in order to maximize the energy efficiency of the building and minimize the long term energy costs of your home or development.

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