How to get the perfect interior design for your home

 Posted on: 20 April, 2015
 Mario Figliomeni


1. Sit down with some magazines and pull out pages you like. This will help you to find out your preferences and define a style for your home interior. Alternatively, use online platforms such as Houzz and Pinterest to create some lookbooks of things you like.

2. Choose a colour or tone which you find relaxing and satisfying to live with. Looking at painting samples can be helpful here. If you need to paint a room or rooms, often paying a Colour Consultant to assist you can be a really effective way to make a decision.

3. It is easier to use colour in smaller decorative accessories, which are easily replaced, than in larger furniture items.

4. When choosing fabric lounges look at ranges that have slip covers, which are simply changed when the colour is looking tired or you feel like an update. This can save you from spending unnecessary money later.

5. In small rooms, avoid large furniture. It will make the room appear even smaller. If you’re wondering if the furniture will fit, make a template out of newspaper in the right dimensions and lay it on the floor.

6. Choose colours that work well together. Often one colour works well with neutral toning, rather than combining many colours. Clashing decor can make the room appear smaller.

7. A room full of dark furniture can appear gloomy and should be avoided if there is insufficient natural light.

8. Wall art always makes an impact, but restrict the number of pieces. Remember, less is always more.

9. Old fashioned and antique furniture can work well with modern furniture. One exceptional antique piece works brilliantly against a backdrop of modern furniture.

10. Always avoid cluttering objects as it can be very detrimental to the room decor. However, it can be really effective to group objects together.

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